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No one in the U.S. has Richard Lavinthal's unique experience, first as a newspaper and statehouse-based international wire service reporter, later as a federal and state prosecutors' spokesman, then as spokesman for a national news organization, and now as a niche consulting legal media relations professional.

In a decade spent managing a nationally known three-person press office (he created) for the U.S. Department of Justice in Newark, New Jersey, Lavinthal served as spokesman for the Hon. Samuel A. Alito, Jr., and the Hon. Michael Chertoff when each was U.S. Attorney. He also handled media relations assignments on behalf of three U.S. Attorneys General for the Office of Public Affairs in Washington.

In the District of New Jersey Lavinthal managed legal media relations for more than 1,000 cases, many with news conferences due to their national and international significance. He also served as a media trainer / lecturer for state and federal agencies. Microsoft® recognized Lavinthal with a Site Patrol Award for developing the first Web site of its kind for a U.S. prosecutor's office.

With his security clearance, Lavinthal was privy to sensitive, non-public information in hundreds of civil and criminal matters including organized crime, the Unabomber, savings and loan fraud prosecutions, trade secret theft, murder, Qui Tam cases under the False Claims Act, stock fraud, drug distribution, gangs and other categories. This verifiable track record of absolute confidentiality continued during Lavinthal's stint as the first Director of Communications for the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice and today serving attorneys in the private sector.

Today, Lavinthal's close-hold/ Rule(6)(e) experience is a reason why attorneys call PRforLAW, LLC to maximize or minimize media coverage for their cases when they would never consider confiding in anyone at a conventional PR agency.

Lawyers who want to leverage the visibility, marketing, branding, client advocacy and professional recognition that comes from news reporting their big cases -- civil, criminal or regulatory -- should be PRforLAW clients.

With clients under investigation or targeted by grand juries, as well as potential civil defendanta in not-yet-public cases, defense attorneys cannot control when the Government brings charges or when opposing counsel files a complaint.

PRforLAW crafts case-specific media strategy and puts it in place well before the event, without ever compromising confidentiality. Should a criminal client dodge the bullet, or the civil matter be negotiated privately and then sealed, or dismissed, PRforLAW, LLC's media plan is shredded. No one will ever know.

PRforLAW, LLC has crafted and managed media strategy for more than $2 billion in verdicts, settlements and pleas, including 2009's biggest-ever whistleblower settlement and three of the U.S. Department of Justice's Top Ten FY 2008 civil fraud recoveries.

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